Last Updated: June 05, 2024



Grow Your Center LLC is a marketing agency that works on service contracts signed by clients before work and billing begins. Each client’s signed contract has all the terms related to their specific services and scope. 


Please refer to your Master Service Agreement (“agreement”) and its attached Statement of Work (“SOW”) for complete details regarding your specific terms and services.


In general, our policies are as follows:


Service Delivery Timeframes

We aim to initiate services within seven business days of receiving your signed agreement. Your agreement and SOW will specify your completion timeframes.


Service Scope and Specifications

We provide marketing consulting services, including, but not limited to, developing marketing strategies and assets for our client’s social media, email marketing, and advertising campaigns, tracking and reporting on performance, and providing guidance and advice on market trends and competitor activities. The exact services are mutually agreed upon and described in your agreement and SOW. Any additional services or modifications will require a separate agreement or Change Order, including any new financial terms related to the change.


Service Scheduling

Should your services include a dedicated Marketing Consultant, they will provide their meeting link(s) to schedule calls. Otherwise, clients may contact awesome@growyourcenter.com to arrange meetings. To avoid fees, clients must provide at least 24 hours’ notice for rescheduling or cancellations.


Communication and Notifications

We communicate with clients via email, phone, and SMS and regularly send notifications about service progress and any changes.


Payment Terms

Your initial payment is due within seven days of your service start date, followed by automatic monthly billing via ACH debit. Late payments may cause service delays.


Client Responsibilities

Clients must provide necessary information and approvals by the specified deadlines in your agreement and SOW. Failure to do so may delay service delivery.


Term and Termination

Your agreement and SOW will identify your exact terms. Once that term ends, your services will automatically renew at the renewal rate outlined in your SOW. You can cancel services for any reason, with 45 days written notice provided to your Marketing Consultant or emailed to awesome@growyourcenter.com.


Setup Fees

Your total cost is divided into 12 equal monthly installments, making our pricing free of setup fees, upfront charges, and interest. Upon completing your term, you will have fully funded all services without any outstanding balances. We will accept early payments without penalties.



Termination notice only absolves any outstanding payment obligations accrued on the termination date and until the end of your term. Upon termination, we will issue a final invoice detailing any outstanding balance and future remaining payments due within 30 days. GYC is not obligated to refund any portion of payments previously made unless explicitly specified in your agreement.


Changes and Modifications

Any changes to the terms, scope, or project schedule must be agreed upon in writing. Additional fees may apply for modifications.


Service Guarantees

Fees are solely for providing services, and there is no implied guarantee of success. We leverage our expertise, skills, experience, and knowledge to achieve positive outcomes. Still, we can only guarantee success by the agreed-upon terms of your contract. We guarantee our services will meet the agreed-upon specifications of your contract. Our liability is limited to the amount paid for the services over 12 months or 10,000 USD, whichever is less. 


Confidentiality and Data Protection

We handle all client data with strict confidentiality and protect it according to our Privacy Policy.


Dispute Resolution

Any disputes will be resolved through arbitration, governed by the laws of Colorado.


Fees for Service

Fees are solely for providing services, and there is no implied guarantee of success. While we strive to leverage our expertise, skills, experience, and knowledge to achieve positive outcomes, we can only guarantee success by the agreed-upon terms of your SOW. We are committed to diligently working on your behalf, but factors beyond our control may influence results. We always promise to deliver our best efforts to fulfill goals and objectives.


The policies outlined here are not legally binding and may change at any time without prior notice. For complete details, please refer to your specific agreement and SOW.