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What Is The GYC Superstar Staffing System?

Your step-by-step online roadmap to finding the best talent, mentoring them into superstars, and retaining them for life! 

Simplify, Streamline, & Speed-Up Your Entire Hiring Process

Simplify, Streamline, & Speed-Up Your Entire Hiring Process

Imagine having a personal hiring assistant working 24/7. That’s what you’ll get with GYC’s data-driven Applicant Tracking System (ATS). As your all-in-one hub, it automates the entire hiring process for you. Watch as your ATS handles all the details simultaneously, from posting on multiple job boards and tracking applicants’ journeys, to following up, booking interviews, and more.

The GYC S3 ATS is Essential & Indispensable

Streamlined hiring process

Streamlined hiring process

Ensures you hit all stages of the hiring process.

Organized candidate management

Organized candidate management

Keeps all candidates housed in one place with resumes, Notes, & Action Items.

KPI & Metric Reporting

KPI & Metric Reporting

Easily pull reports so you can keep an eagle eye on what is going on.

Tools, Trainings, & Templates That Skyrocket Your Results

You’ll dive into value-packed tools, training, and templates, all developed by expert recruiters to ensure you avoid common mistakes and double down on best-kept hiring secrets. From done-for-you interview questions to industry-tested job description templates and more, you’ll have everything you need to skyrocket your hiring results.
Tools, Trainings, & Templates That Skyrocket Your Results
Seamless Support & Onboarding Thanks to Our Industry Experts

Seamless Support & Onboarding Thanks to Our Industry Experts

Worried about getting started? No problem. We handle all the details for you! From the minute you invest in The Superstar Staffing System, our team takes you by the hand through onboarding and orientation, sets up your tech, and more. Plus, take advantage of email support to keep you on track and ahead of the game.

Unlock Industry Trends, Best Practices, & Tactics With Monthly Training Calls

The world of recruitment is ever-changing, and those who don’t adapt get left behind. Hop on monthly training calls with our GYC recruitment experts for live Q&As, where you unlock emerging industry trends, best practices, and new tactics that help you steal the best talent in the game and outpace your competitors every time.

A Digital Community Connects You to Peers, Experts, & More

Our Slack community lets you stay connected with an entire network of other top-tier childcare center owners. Step into a digital world that answers all your questions about recruitment success, and keeps you in contact with expert mentors to give you the extra guidance you need and deserve.

1-1 Accountability Calls That Meet Your Goals & Needs

Thanks to our “No-Center-Left-Behind” policy, you can feel confident GYC has your back. Enjoy monthly calls with our experts to go over your metrics and results, as we build strategies to repair any weak links and enhance areas of success.
Calls That Meet Your Goals & Needs

Your Accountability Calls Include

1-1 Monthly Calls With Your Personal Superstar Recruiter

Account Health
Check-Ins & Updates

1-1 Quarterly Calls
With Your Owner

1-1 Annual
Strategy Call

Interview Call
Reviews & Feedback

-Behind Policy

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